Ropex Review page for the ropes formula

There are many sites on the Internet that claim to be "review" sites. Those sites typically orient the reader towards a specific product from which the site owners are profiting. On this Ropex® Review page we do not compare or sell products but instead list comments received from Ropex® users for your review. We hope that these statements will help you determine if Ropex® might be the right product for you. RESULTS MAY VARY*

Comments From Ropex® Users

*Dear Sir, I just Love Ropex. Enclosed is my reorder. Please rush it to me,Ropex is just great. It does all its says it does, my volume is huge and my orgasms are great. I love getting the ropes.
James L, St. Augustine, FL

*Ropex changed my life, I now have more intense orgasms, they are very strong. It increase my ejaculate volume and I feel fulfilled. I am in my 50’s and enjoying orgasms like in old times. Thank you.
Bill S. Und.

*Gentlemen, I am a customer of yours of about 5 years ago. Your product is one of the few that I have ordered that has really delivered what it promised. The sensation of the ropes is great. With that knowledge, I am ordering your Ropex again taking advantage of your buy 2 get 1 free offer. Please send immediately.
Scotty Bell, Joliet IL

*Dear Sirs, I am re-ordering your product. I must say Ropex is just fantastic, what orgasms I have from it, I just shudder when I come in great amounts. I just love your product. Keep up the good work. Please rush Ropex,. Enclosed is full payment.
James M. WTBY, CT

*I find that Ropex does exactly what is advertised, I am a happy repeat customer. Ropex truly provides incredible “lightning bolt” contractions! The ejaculate really comes in “ropes” of thick cream. The ecstasy knocks my socks off. I have never had sex that felt better and I am 54.
Eddie T. Woodbridge, VA

    *Dear Sirs: I am so pleased with Ropex that I had to write you. I am over 40 and very sexually active. I was told by a friend that Ropex was doing wonders for him and decided and decided to try it although I did not necessarily need to. Since taking Ropex, my sexual desire has increase dramatically and I am able to have sex 3-4 times per day with no fatigue. In one encounter, I was able to produce 16”ropes”!, something I never thought could be possible. I realize that my sexual needs and performance are above average but I must admit that Ropex has taken me to levels I never thought possible. What an incredible product.
Bod D. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

*After using your product Ropex, I’ve experience great results. It does everything it promises. It has increased my ejaculate volume and orgasm. My sexual pleasure with it is so great with the ropes. Thanks so much.
Paul D. Unk.

*I’m slightly overweight 56 year old man on blood pressure medication. I have little ejaculate. After only a few days on Ropex, I now have the ropes. Love your product.
Harold M. State college, PA

*I showed Ropex to my urologist (I had a cancer scare but I’m fine) and told him it really works, and he was very intrigued and wrote the name down.
Robert L. North Brookfield, MA

*During my fifties I saw my ability to maintain erection and produce semen declining. Although I could maintain erection during intercourse, ejaculation was more difficult and semen quantity declined. I never noticed a decline in semen quantity from my twenties until the decade of the fifties. By age sixty I estimate the decline was about 75%. However, my libido never declined and the gap between the desire and the ability to perform (up to par) was depressing. Along with the decline in semen production was weight gain and “starting and stopping” when urination, factors which caused further depression. I gained from 160 lbs in my late forties to 220 at sixty. One day after intercourse, my spouse said, “I don’t think you have any semen.” Then I began searching the web for a cure. By accident I saw the ROPEX website and I ordered a supply of the product. Within days I began having morning erections and erectile responses to erotic thoughts. Later, I noticed an increase in semen in semen production and much of my depression fading. At my age of 64 one of the most important results of regular ROPEX supplementation is that urination is normalized.
Hugh H. PhD. (email)


*The results with Ropex are incredible. Last time I used the product, my erection lasted for 2 hours!
Doug S. Carthage, MS

*Thank you for making Ropex, I am experiencing great results with it.
Carlos B. Coral Springs, FL

*Hey there, This is Anthony W. I love the product. It works great with the ropes effect. I am on Autoship and would like to change my card.
Anthony W. (email)

*Ropex did everything you said it would, increased volume of ejaculate, three to four times as much, and it prolonged the orgasmic contractions, Thanks very much.
Jon S. (email)

*Dear friends, I ordered 1 bottle of Ropex about 3 weeks ago. I have found it to work so well I feel about 25 but I am 48 yrs old. Can you please send me an order form so that I can order 3 bottles at a time? I wanted to try it first before ordering larger quantities, but I am sold, and plan to be a long term customer.
Scott W. Concord, NH

*Dear New Generation Labs, your Ropex product is the best in the world!! The sensation my little guy down there give to me are so explosive! He and Ropex never disappoint me! What a fantastic product Ropex is!
Eugene S. Chippewa Falls, WI

*Your product is excellent!
Don T. email

*Dear Sirs, My name is William P. I have been buying your product Ropex since 2005 and I think this product is the best.
William P. Houston, TX

*Thank you for a great product that REALLY works. It is Awesome.
Thomas K. Utica, MI

*Using Ropex, my orgasms are stronger and ejaculation more plentiful. It’s great to have an active sex life again!
Eric V. Fairhope, AL


*Hello. My name is Bill T… and I’ve been ordering your Ropex for quite a while. Great Product!! I certainly will be buying more (again, great product!) but I would like to have recurring orders adjusted to every 60 days.
Bill T. (email)

*I love Ropex, It keeps me fully loaded and Always ready for action. Thanks.
Jim B. Portland Oregon

*I do plan to continue using Ropex as I firmly believe there has been an improvement with my prostate.
Sam G (email)

*Dear Ropex. My pal Eugene has been using your Ropex product for several years now and I am always amazed at how wild he gets when we’re getting it on!! He really swears by your product and wants me to try it soon. Enclosed is my Money Order.
Keith J. W. Chippewa Falls, WI

*Hello, Enclosed you will find my Money Order. This is my third order, you all have a superior product here, thanks.
Dave I. Charleston, WV

*To Whom it May Concern. As a regular customer of your product Ropex with great results, I would be interested in ordering other products.
Paul S. und.

*Yes, Ropex is moving quite well. It is an excellent Product so we recommend it to all of our male customers.
Richard F. Rochester, NY

*To Whom It may Concern, Ropex is a WONDERFUL product. The ropes feel great.
Tom K. email

*I tried a similar product several times before but it did not work for me at all and was ineffective but now that I switched to Ropex, the desired results are incredible and exceptionally efficient that I highly recommend it now to my friends.
Rogello S. (email)

*The Ropex is working extremely well for a lot of my customers.  I have been receiving nothing but good feedback…let me know how we can work this out because I will be looking to place another order for the Ropex within the next week.
N. Bryan Health Store


*Hi my name is Nikkolas and I had testicular cancer about 8 year's ago when I was 33.  I had the right testicle removed and had 18 treatment's of radiation to my upper stomach, lower stomach, upper/mid back and lower back.  I have been working with trying to obtain an erection as well as have my sexual feeling's return for many year's now since the cancer.  I try to stay in good shape by working out 3-4 time's a week with a cardio workout as well as weights 2-3 time's a week and eating a well balanced diet.  I know all the erection dysfunction situation's started after the radiation therapy.  I have been praying for guidance to help me with situation. I am using an erection pump to help with the circulation of blood into my penis an pelvic area and I found it to help a little.  I came across this supplement after trying other medical treatment pill's, called Ropex.  I have been taking Ropex for about 1 month now and I am now starting to get sexual feeling back into my body, pelvic area and penis.  I can actually obtain an erection in the middle of the day if mentally sexually stimulated where as before I was not able to obtain an erection.  I could barely obtain an erection by being physically stimulated without loosing the erection after a very short time of being physically stimulated.  I wanted to write hoping this would help other's who have gone through what I have gone through.  I read a lot on prostate cancer and ED and other sexual side effect's but there is still not much out there on testicular cancer and the effect's and what to do about the aftermath of this type of cancer and radiation therapy.  I wish all of the guy's who have gone through this or are going through this the encouragement to stay very positive and active an to just keep telling yourself that you are spiritually and physically in great shape and well and your spirit and body will be guided to what is best for you.  Sincerely,
Nick L (email)

*I have been using Ropex for 6 months now. After about a month on the product, I started getting the most powerful orgasms with unbelievable volume and distance increase I would never stop taking Ropex. Thanks you very much for making this wonder product.
Nicholas F. Washington D.C.

*My husband is a Type2 diabetic and suffers from various complications related to this disease. We have tried various remedies ranging from Via.. to pump systems all to no avail. Through an online ad I was introduced to Ropex and suggested to my husband that he try the product.. The ingredients were all natural with no side effects and the product came with a money back guarantee. He has been using Ropex since March with truly amazing results! The ED problem has been dramatically reduced and our intimacy restored to levels not experienced for several years. This product has been a miraculous improvement for both of us!!
Jane R (email)

*Dear New Generation labs, When I use Ropex, I always become quite excited and sexually aroused! Now, when I have sex and come, the feelings are beyond belief and feel twice as powerful as when I don’t use the product. It makes me feel horny and my ejaculations feel fantastic.
Guido L (email)

I have been ordering from you for several months and really like your product.
Hoyle M (email)

*Never expected Ropex to work so well.
Jim S. Keaau, HI

*Thank you for a great product. A very Happy customer.
S. parker (email)

*NG Labs, Thank you very much. I really appreciate your response. I am very happy with your product. The sensation of the ropes is great.
Nick C. (email)

*I am a previous Ropex customer and had good results. As such I am considering becoming a client again.
A March (email)

*I enjoy your product and will continue to use it. I prefer to order.
Leon W. Pensacola, FL


*I have had great results from your product and I need to place another order.
Jerry T. (email)

*I’m Denzil D…n, I’ve had a standing order with your company and receive Ropex every 2 months. I had to cancel my card and need to know what I can do so my orders don’t stop. Thanks,
Denzil D. Orem, UT

*The credit card issue has been worked out. I think your product works great, I will be placing a second order in the future.
Und. (email)

*Dear Customer Service, My name is Danny and I’m a returning customer, I had bought Ropex several years ago and was very satisfied. At this time I need the package shipped to Indonesia.
Danny H. E. (email)

*To whom It May Concern. This past weekend I met up with some people with whom I have been communicating by mail. Our conversation ended up being about Ropex and was told stories I could not believe. It ended up that they proved overwhelmingly that the products work, I was amazed at the volume. I would have not believed it if I was not there. So I am writing you to ask you if you could please send more information about Ropex.
Bill C. Akron, Ohio

*Attn. New Generation Labs. I have, or had ED for which I had a penile implant surgery to correct this. I have been taking Ropex for 1 week. Ropex is more than effective in increasing volume with copious amounts, Sincerely,
Ron T New York, NY

*Dear Sirs, I am very pleased with the results of taking Ropex. It has truly increased the length of my climax and the amount of pleasure during climax and the climax length as well as the amount of my ejaculation which you call the ropes. I have tried many herbs in the past and this is the first to produce significant results.
Jim B. (email)